PARTNERS: we hope to enter into partnerships with several national organizations to address the growing health crisis of autism in Africa. We have partnered with AUT, one of the largest non-profits to provide lifespan services to people with autism, to create service models and affect public policy. We have partnered with NATTAP, a national network of autism educators and therapists, to create professional standards and training for the overwhelmed education system. We also have partnered with NARPAA, a national residential provider association for autism, and APSE, a national employment support organization, to find solutions for our adults on the spectrum. We have also partnered with numerous autism organizations dedicated to early identification and treatment.

AFFILIATES: Our affiliates are your best source of information and support. Most affiliates are volunteer-led by parents, care providers and other professionals. We have affiliates in nearly every state reaching out to individuals with autism and their families with information, support, and encouragement. An affiliate is the place where:

  • Dedicated parent and professional volunteers provide information and services specific to a local area.
  • Parents can find resources for recently diagnosed children.
  • Families can find comfort and companionship managing the years of growth.
  • Local grassroots advocacy is organized for implementing change where the change is necessary.